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Neighbourlytics is a subscription analytics product that offers urban intelligence at two scales to service your project needs:

  • Discover: A national urban intelligence for any suburb to help you discover trends and new development opportunities
  • Insights: Tailored, hyper-local lifestyle and behavioural analysis for your precinct or suburb


Discover nation-wide urban intelligence for any site

Neighbourlytics is a subscription analytics product that offers urban intelligence at two scales to service your project needs: precinct or suburb
Comparable demographic maps to better understand your target market.

Search any suburb in Australia

Immediate insights available anywhere, anytime.

Instant people insights

Housing insights

Discover and compare trends in rent, mortgages, household size and more.

Visitation behaviour

Explore your true catchment area based on where visitors come and the destination of residents.

Activity hotspots

Gain new insight into where people spend time, and how it compares to neighboring suburbs.

Benchmark and compare

Compare any suburb in Australia and benchmark against state and national averages.


Insights dashboard and explore tools

Actionable lifestyle, behavioral and amenity analysis for your development project or neighborhood catchment.
Insights dashboard
Easy to read summary of strengths and opportunities for your neighbourhood Geofenced data in or precinct.
Lifestyle values
The places and activities people care about, how people connect, and what they value
Visitation behaviour
The origin suburbs of visitors to the catchment area, and where people go to from the catchment.
Detailed activity hotspots
Deep-dive into the activity hotspots within the neighbourhood and how they vary day / night, weekday / weekend.
Hyper-local demographics
Understand the population characteristics and population density within a 10 or 20 minute walk from your site.
Amenity gaps
Pin-point the hyper-local amenity gaps in your specific location based on how the neighbourhood is actually used.
Lifestyle activity trends
Understand changes in activity trends over a 12 month period.
Explore more by jumping into the interactive map of your neighbourhood to filter insights by day and time, amenity type and more.

Choose the Bundle that suits you

Detailed tier comparison


Best for getting a quick overview of suburb trends nationally


Best for small teams and companies focusing on a single project


Best for innovative teams looking to make evidence-based decisions on projects and tender bids.


Best for organisations seeking to apply urban life insights across an asset class, or company division.


Best for companies looking to embed Urban Life insights across their portfolio.

Geographic Coverage

National Coverage, by Suburb

Number of Seats






Core Features

People insights

Housing insights

Visitation behaviour

Activity hotspots

Comparison and benchmarking tools

Geographic Coverage

Custom 1km Radius

Number of insights dashboards





Core Features (by Neighbourhood)

Custom Insights Dashboard

Hyper-local demographics

Lifestyle Values

Visitation Baheviour

Amenities Analysis

Activity Hotpots Analysis

Activity Trends Analysis over 12 months

Explore Tool

Online Educational LIbrary

Urban Life Expert coaching and Advice

Customised 'Insights to Action' Presentation

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