Community lifestyle & behavioural data

Instantly access key lifestyle metrics for any Australian location

- Instant reports
- Real-time data
- National benchmarks
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Actionable insights at your fingertips
Where do visitors come from?
Discover trade areas and uncover new destinations based on where people live, work and move around. Use this to identify the actual trade area or target market locations based on real-life behaviours.
Actionable insights at your fingertips
Where are the activity hotspots?
See where people spend time, and immediately diagnose new business opportunities you couldn't see before.
Actionable insights at your fingertips
What do people value?
Use the latest lifestyle values to better understand your target customer and optimise place visioning, marketing strategies and development proposals.
Actionable insights at your fingertips
What are the amenity gaps?
Drill down into which places are most important, and which are missing so you can target your investment in retail, hospitality, public space, health and wellness and more.
Actionable insights at your fingertips
Who lives here?
Discover how people live with people and housing trends, background demographics and insights into household size and needs.
Actionable insights at your fingertips
Measure impact over time
Measure the positive impact of your development or project overtime, and report on actionable ESG measures.

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Understand the performance of any location
Unique people data

Proprietary people and behavioural data to give you actionable customer and location insights you can't get anywhere else.
Benchmarks and Indicators
Compare suburbs, identify new competitive advantages and pin point development opportunities.
Discover national suburb data
Explore and compare the way people visit, gather and move around for any suburb.
Deep-dive into hyper-local insights
Uncover lifestyle trends, customer insights and amenity needs with a 20 minute walk of any site

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Customer Testimonials

Neighbourlytics helped us see the community in a quantifiable way, with new information about popular amenities and gaps. This gave us new visibility into the local context, and helped us understand a ‘place’ in a more granular way, before diving into solutions. This in turn has driven a richer level of innovation within our design teams approach.

Heath Gledhill

Integrated Design and Precincts Capability Leader, Aurecon

In a lifetime of social sciences I have never seen anything as good as the system you guys have put together… it’s a stunning piece of work. Grounded in solid theory, nimble in its analysis, insightful in its results and a very practical tool for us within Local government to respond and change things.

Steve McGrath

Place Maker, City of Monash